Best AR-15 Rifles Under $750. Cheap M4 Carbines A2 A3.

Best Cheap AR-15 M4 Rifles Under $750

  Welcome to the best cheap AR-15 rifles under $750 site. The best for the money bargains are shown here. We list low cost AR-15 carbines and M4 guns in 223 (5.56mm NATO), and set the price limit at $750. Affordable M4 rifles, parts, stocks, barrels, uppers and lowers (receivers).
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Who Makes The Best Cheap AR-15 M4 Rifles?
Note: The price range is the best haggle deal from a dealer.

  • Aero Precision AC-15: Price Range $729 -
  • Areo Precision is known for building premium quality receivers and barrels. Their new AC-15 M4 carbine is a quality work of art. The best rifle you can buy for around $700. Compares well to the $1075 Colt. What is awesome about Aero, is you can buy rifles right off their website at huge savings. No need to buy from the man, that is buying from the other man.
    Aero Precision - Direct Sales

    Aero AC-15 Review Video
  • Anderson AM15: Price Range $490-$550
  • The Anderson Rifle is the world's only NO LUBE Rifle. Using nano-technology, our RF85 treatment is permanent. It is in the metal. The Anderson AR-15 fires with 85% less friction, 23% faster action, never needs oiling and cleans up with soap and water. Magpul MOE stock, Hogue pistol grip, forged 7075-T6 alloy receivers, and 16 inch M4 4140 heavy barrel! Love the free-floated modular forend!
    Anderson Website

    Anderson AM15 Video

    Buy Rifles So Cheap!

  • American Tactical Omni Hybrid: Price Range $420-$460
  • This is the ATI-15 Omni version with the polymer lower to reduce weight and cost. The Omni Hybrid sells for about $50 less than the forged alloy receiver version, making it one of the cheapest AR15 rifle on our site. ATI clams their metal reinforced polymer lower has the strength of a billet lower. Wow! Believe it or not, the American Tactical Imports ATI-15 Omni Hybrid is made right here in the USA using good quality stuff.
    ATI Website

    ATI Review Video

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  • Armalite M-15 Defensive Sporting .223: Price Range $660-$700
  • Armalite and Colt were there in the beginning, selling M16 rifles to the military. Armalite is one of the pioneers with the spec class AR platform. Armalite rifles are made with quality stuff like: premium 6 position stock, flattop receiver, M4 chrome lined barrel, and 5lb single stage trigger. Popular SWAT team rifle. Included with Rifle: One 30 Round Magazine, Owner's Manual, Limited Lifetime Warranty. So close to the military carbine. The best for the money is Armalite DEF15F.
    Armalite Website

    Armalite Review Video

    The new entry level Eagle Arms carbine is now available for under $600, and comes with heavy barrel and quality furniture. It's an Armalite!

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  • Bushmaster Carbon 15: Price Range $530-$590
  • Bushmaster has been building the Carbon 15 with the polymer lower for many years now. Following the polymer framed pistol trend, the Carbon15 lower has proven to be just as reliable as metal alloy. 30-round magazine. 16 inch M4 contour barrel with A2 fash hider. The quad rail version and the ORC (optics ready carbine) are the same price. The forward assist and dust cover not included. These models are a hot seller for Bushmaster. Spend a little more, as the XM-15 patrol model (90280) is awesome.
    Bushmaster Website

    Bushmaster Review Video

    Buy Rifles So Cheap!

    Best Cheap AR-15 M4 Rifles
  • Colt Expanse M4: Price Range $570-$610
  • Colt has just shocked the shooting world with an entry level M4 rifle. How good is the Colt Expanse M4? We don't know yet. I need to try one. One thing I do know is Colt had to cut corners to get the Expanse M4 prices this low. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up against hot newcomers like Ruger and Savage.
    Colt Website

    Colt Expanse Video
  • Core-15 M4 Scout: Price Range $460-$500
  • Core15 is the new kid on the block, and they are building some mighty fine low cost AR15 rifles. The good stuff: Mil-Spec Forged 7075-T6 upper and Lower Receiver. Beveled magwell for improved reloading speed. 16 inch 4140 M4 profile barrel with 1:9 twist. Direct gas Impingement gas system. Core-15 is buying market share with this rifle. Don't be surprised if the price suddenly jumps to over $800. No BS lifetime warranty!
    Core15 Website

    Core15 Review Video

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    CMMG M4 LE: Price Range $710-$750
    The upper receiver is where all the action is. CMMG makes some of the very best uppers on the market. Now for the complete rifle. The Mk4LE is available in 5.56x45mm and 300 BLK. Features a nitrided 16.1" 4140 CrMo steel barrel in a M4 profile. The standard configuration includes a "F" marked front sight base and a MBUS rear sight. CMMG claims the WASP nitride barrel treatment is better than chrome lined!
    CMMG Website
    make AR15 full auto
    CMMG Shooting Video
    Del-Ton DT Sport: Price Range $470-$510
    The build quality of the Del-Ton DT Sport is way above average. I never hear anything bad about the Del-Ton cheap AR15 carbines. The DT Sport has a 16 inch light weight barrel with 1x9 twist, 6 position M4 stock, CAR handguards with single heat shields, A2 flash hider, and 30rd magazine. They also sell rifle build kits for under $500. Just add your lower receiver. The lower has all the branding. The trick is to buy a Rock River or Yankee Hill Lower, and your buddies will think you have a $1,400 rifle!
    Del-Ton Website

    Del-Ton Review Video

    Diamondback DB15SB A2: Price Range $500-$540
    Diamondback had some problems in the beginning, so there is a lot of bad press out there. Diamondback got their act together pretty fast, and now make some of the best low cost AR-15 carbines. Built with quality components like 16 inch 4140 chromemoly barrel, Mil spec 8620 bolt carrier, forged 7075 T6 alloy receivers, and ATI Strikeforce stock with aluminum buffer tube. Spend $100 more for the awesome Diamondback DB15B model, as it compares well to the $1,000 Colt!
    Diamondback Website

    Diamondback Review Video

    Buy Rifles So Cheap!

    DPMS RFA3-OC Oracal: Price Range $460-$500
    The DPMS Oracal has always been a good entry level M4 carbine. It is ready for your scope or other trick optics. The DPMS Oracal has the quality in the right places. Sturdy aluminum receivers, instead of plastic. 4140 Chromemoly barrel. Quality 8620 steel bolt carrier, heat treated and plated per Mil Spec. The Oracal sets the standard for the budget M4 class. DPMS has several other models priced under $750 too. Good brand name low cost AR-15 carbine.
    DPMS Website

    DPMS Review Video

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    DSA ZM4 Flat Top Carbine: Price Range $650-$690
    DSA is famous for their FAL rifles they supply to governments around the globe. DSA makes some good low cost AR-15 rifles too. At this price you are getting 7075T6 alloy upper and lower receivers, 1x9 twist rate 4140 chromoly M4 barrel, A2 flash hider, Hogue pistol grip, and 6 position collapsible M4 stock. All parts U.S. made! DSA makes some good components for builders too.
    DSA Website

    DSA Review Video
    Inter Ordnance M215 LP: Price Range $560-$600
    I.O is famous for AK47 type rifles. Their new AR15 M4 is a lot of bang for the buck! First thing that stands out is the quad rail hand guard. The Inter Ordnance M215-LP rifle is equipped with a standard flat top receiver with MIL-STD-1913 rail to accept all your toys. Low profile gas block to stay out of the way. 1:8 Barrel Twist. Hard coat type III anodized receivers. Just awesome!
    Inter Ordnance Website

    Mennie Machine MA-15 Patrol Elite: Price Range $660-$700
    If we were ranking them, this rifle could be #1. The Patrol Elite is Mennie Machine Company's (MMC Armory) most affordable model. I can't see where they cut corners to get the price this low. Expensive premium components: Long wearing nitride treated 16 inch 4150 CrMV M4 profile barrel with midlength gas system. M4 barrel extension and upper receiver feed ramps. Beveled magazine well. Extra heavy duty full auto rated mil spec bolt carrier group that is nickel boron coated. Enhanced nitride finish 5lb trigger. Lifetime warranty.
    MMC Armory Website

    MMC Firearms Video
    Important Notice: Warning! Do not confuse MMC Armory with Moore's Machine! The Moore's Machine MMC rifles had problems.
    Mossberg MMR Tactical: Price Range $590-$630
    "Right the first time" should be the Mossberg motto with the MMR Tactical. No teething problems. No quality issues. It is amazing a huge gun maker like Mossberg plays the spec-class game too. Nothing weird going on, except for the deleted forward assist. The quad rail forend is cool! I think every gun magazine has reviewed the Mossberg MMR. Mossberg also makes a Hunter version with rifle stock and 20 inch barrel.
    Mossberg Website

    Mossberg Review Video

    Buy Rifles So Cheap!

    Olympic Arms Plinker Plus: Price Range $600-$640
    The Olympic Arms Plinker Plus was one of the first affordable AR rifle platforms on the market. The Plinker Plus A1 compact carbine is pictured. Olympic Arms also makes a bargain flat top carbine and A1 rifle that looks like the old M16 military. They have been selling the Plinker Plus for over 16 years now, so they should be good. Small USA company that is big on value. Olympic Arms has been around since 1975, so they are not some fly-by-night operation. Lifetime Warranty!
    Olympic Arms Website

    Plinker Plus Review Video
    Best Low Cost AR-15 M4 Rifles
    Palmetto State Armory M4: Price Range $520-$560 on Sale
    What could be better than building a rifle yourself? How about getting one from the factory skipping all those middlemen? Palmetto State Armory sells amazing quality rifles direct, then ships to your local dealer. You save a ton of money, plus get a darn good rifle. At ths price it even comes with the full auto BCG! The bargain of the century is on the PSA 16" M4 CHF Premium. The M4 CHF Premium is priced low for a chrome lined barrel AR.
    Palmetto State Armory Site

    PSA Review Video
    Ruger AR-556: Price Range $600-$640
    When a major firearms company starts making low cost AR-15 rifles, it is big news. The reason why is because we know the quality will be there. The Ruger AR-566 is a spec class M4 rifle right down to the forward assist and dust cover. The only thing that keeps the AR-556 not top shelf is, the barrel is not chromed lined. This is only a problem if you can afford to shoot 12,000 rounds of ammo this year. Ruger should sell a half million of them.
    Ruger Website

    Ruger AR-556 Shooting Video

    Buy Rifles So Cheap!

    Savage Patrol MSR 15: Price Range $570-$610
    Savage is a little different than most entry level rifles. The first thing you notice is the quality Blackhawk furniture and rear sight. The Patrol 1 in 8 twist barrel is made in-house by Savage. Savage is famous for their very accurate rifle barrels. Just like upscale AR rifles, it comes with the dust cover and feed assist.
    Savage Website

    Savage Patrol Review Video
    Smith & Wesson M&P-15 Sport: Price Range $540-$580
    Smith & Wesson is a premium company. Their M&P15 Sport is available at a very good price. They did cut a few corners to cut cost; such as the dust cover and forward assist thing. So what! The rest of the rifle is great! It is Smith & Wesson branded, and made in a Smith & Wesson factory! The M&P15 Sport is about as reliable of a gun as you could get. Big seller!
    S&W Website

    S&W M&P-15 Review Video
    Stag Arms SA3: Price Range $690-$730
    This is no doubt the best built AR15 on this page. The Stag Arms SA3 is a more pricey than entry level rifles, but look at the features. It has a mil-spec collapsible 6 position stock and A2 style grip. It has a 16" 4140 steel chrome-lined barrel with 1:9" twist and an A2 flash hider. It has a picatinny railed gas block and no sights. Quad hand rail. STAG Arms is a premium builder, and this is their entry level rifle. The Stag 15 M4 is the Police carbine and it is priced very good.
    Stag Arms Direct Sales

    STAG Arms SA3 Review Video
    Windham Weaponry Carbon SRC: Price Range $600-$640
    Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber SRC Rifle features polymer receivers. What? Not just any polymer, as it has 40% carbon fiber content. This cuts build cost, and drops the weight down to only 5.85 pounds! Stop freakin out! Just like the Glock pistol, all the wear parts are metal. The good stuff is the carpenter 158 steel bolt and chrome lined M4 profile barrel. Polymer got you spooked? For about $100 more, you can get an M4 with forged alloy receivers. I read that former Bushmaster guys started this company. Lifetime warranty! The real prize is the HBC model with alloy lower and heavy chrome lined barrel.
    Windham Weaponry Website

    Windham Review Video

    Buy Rifles So Cheap!

    Powerful as 22LR! 1250fps Pellet Rifle. Starting at $120

    Talk about cheap ammo. Pellets are about $12 per 1000. Wow!

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